Horses we have sold to great homes!


UDM Fortune in Gold  

Congratulations to Dell Mitchell on her purchase of 

UDM Fortune In Gold"  (UDM Gold-Mine x LSC She's a Pistol)

UDM Tropical Breeze

(UDM Gold Mine x Rocking M Cassandra)


Breezy is owned by artist and singer Renee McLaurin Renee is enjoying Bre' as an unflappable and sensible trail mount enjoying riding the Texas hill country near the North Fork of the Guadalupe River with her husband.





UDM Gold Mine

With new owner Kathy Gutting

Kathy and "Frank" have won numerous blues and tri-colored ribbons together competing in the Amateur Western Pleasure division.  They make a great team!




Strike A Chord aka "Woody" 

now owned by JoAnne Broadwater

Jo-Ann and Woody have come such a long way together in the dressage world winning ribbons at prestigious all breed dressage shows. He is also gentle enough for her son to enjoy and ride.


UDM Marquee 

Hollybrook Headliner (by Tedwin Topic) x FZM City Lights

now owned b Donna Normand

Donna Normand purchased Marquee in 2006 for a trail mount. She hadn't ridden in over 25 years. Little did she dream of what would lie in their future. A few years later they are at the top of their game in competitive trail. One year after Marquees purchase: They won the 2007-2008 High Point Competitive Trail Other Registered (non-Arabian) 4th Competitive Trail High Point Novice horse (Marquee) 3rd Competitive High Point Novice Rider (Donna)

Donna and Marquee recently won a 50 mile 2 day competitive event over all breeds! She is headed for high point this year and a Bronze Medal with AMHA. Her picture is featured on the cover of the winter 2010 Competing Interests Open Award magazine published by AMHA.  This team is hard to beat!~ We wish them much success together.


Novice Rider CTR 1st ( started season  less than 250 miles) 
 High Point Reserve Grand Champion CTR Horse                                         

High Point Senior CTR Rider 3rd
 Novice Horse  CTR 1st ( started season  less than 250 miles)
 High Point Registered CTR (Non-Arab) Horse
CTR  (Competative Trail Ride)

FZM City Lights  by Cedar Creek Harlequin 

now owned by Tina Stephenson


 UDM Flash Fire 

(Symphony Wild Fire x Rocking M Cassandra by Willy Wild)

now owned by Marla Feichtenbiner

UDM Twist of Lemon

( Triple S Golden Bows x Rocking M Blondie)

now owned by Marilyn Esteb of Stone Pine Ranch LLC



Rocking M Cassandra

Now owned by Debbie Farrell

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